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Reserve your room at Skylark and stay right next to the finish line! Only 28 beds are available, so don’t miss out. The amazing views and convenience are unparalleled. At an elevation of 3,300 feet, Skylark offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and cooler temperatures perfect for the runners

Skylark Nature Preserve and Lodge occupies a mile and a half of frontage along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains of the George Washington National Forest. Current owners Craig and Anne Colberg operate the tree farm and Lodge. The land has been put in a conservation easement to be protected forever in its natural state. Skylark also functions as a Lodge and offers some of the most striking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains ever seen.

Camp Blue Ridge

Camp Blue Ridge is nestled in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains and is located at the starting line of UROC. It offers 22 cabins and 6 motel units. Reserve half a cabin for six or a motel unit for four for $80/night. Situated on over 550 acres there are miles of trails, streams, and ridges with breathtaking viewpoints. The Appalachian Trail, Crabtree Falls, and Spy Rock are all within 15 minutes

You can reserve your accommodation at Camp Blue Ridge and sleep right by the starting line. Camp Blue Ridge is scenic, convenient and the perfect lodging location to share the race experience with all your friends. Camp Blue Ridge offers plenty of amenities for your and your family, including swimming in the lake, canoes and even a GoKart track

Reserve a Room at Camp Blue Ridge. Mention UROC 2017
Race-Morning Shuttle

We hired Albemarle Limousine to transport you in-style from the FINISH to the START on race morning.  If you do not have a crew or a ride, please park at the FINISH (Skylark) on race morning and catch the limo to the START (Camp Montebello)

The shuttle will only run between 4:45am and 5:45am and you will be assigned a specific time to catch the shuttle (the race starts at 6:00am).  Please be on time so you don't miss it, as every seat will be taken on later shuttles. The shuttle is for 100k and 50k runners ONLY!  The 25k will start AND finish at Skylark. Tickets for the shuttle are $12+tax.  Please purchase your ticket as soon as possible and NO LATER than 4/24.

  • The shuttle will take you to from the FINISH to the START on race-morning. There will be no shuttle after the race
  • The ride takes about 15 minutes
  • On race morning, if you do not have a crew or a ride, please park at the FINISH and catch the shuttle to the start
  • You will be assigned a shuttle time between 4:45am and 5:45am
Click HERE to purchase your shuttle ticket-scroll to bottom
Other Lodging Options

We encourage everyone to make reservations at either Skylark or Camp Blue Ridge, as other lodging in the area is limited. Other options include:

  • Royal Oaks Resort- 15 minutes. Great cabins and some camping.
  • Wintergreen Resort- 45 minutes. Not an urban center, just a resort.
  • Waynesboro- 50 minutes
  • Lexington- 1 hour
  • Charlottesville- 1 hour

The closest airports include:

Public transportations include Amtrak, Taxi Cabs and Über:

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