On-Course Nutrition


Generation UCAN will be served on course at UROC!  Look for the UCAN SuperStarch stations on course at the aid stations for all three races (100K, 50K and Half Marathon)


Do you want to experience a new way to fuel, one not dependent on high-glycemic index sugars and blood glucose spikes?  Then, try the Generation UCAN Nutrition line and join the "UCAN at UROC" campaign!

Used by athletes like Meb Keflezighi and endorsed by Greg McMillan, UCAN will change and drastically improve the way you fuel during long runs or races.  Generation UCAN is powered by SuperStarch, a healthy, natural, gluten-free innovation in carbohydrate nutrition.

The UCAN Fuel Stations will be located on course and will serve the UCAN SUPERSTARCH drink mix. The UCAN HYDRATE electrolyte replacement will be served at every aid station.  Make sure to start training with UCAN and TRY THE FREE SAMPLE PACK NOW!


What is UCAN SuperStarch Drink Mix?

UCAN SuperStarch is an all-natural, easily digested, slow-releasing carbohydrate that delivers steady energy and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels during exercise. SuperStarch is a one-of-a-kind energy source originally created for children with a rare blood sugar disease.

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New to UCAN SuperStarch?

We’ve always thought of energy as needing sugars delivered rapidly, but this isn’t healthy or efficient. UCAN SuperStarch promotes calorie efficiency by providing you with a steady release of carbohydrate and allowing you to burn more fat for fuel. Training with UCAN will allow you to go longer and feel stronger while taking in less.

How much UCAN SuperStarch should you drink?

We recommend drinking an 80-130 calorie serving of UCAN SuperStarch 30 minutes prior to exercise, followed by an additional serving every 60-90 minutes based on your energy needs. Treat UCAN as your pre-workout snack instead of fast-acting carbs like bagels, bananas, cereal or sugar-based energy products. The more you train with UCAN, the longer a serving will last you. You can mix each serving with as much water as you’d like based on your desired consistency.  On race day, drink 1-2 cups of UCAN at each fuel station based on your energy needs.

Why is UCAN SuperStarch better than traditional sugar-based fuels?

Steady Energy

UCAN SuperStarch releases slowly into the body and keeps your blood sugar stable, avoiding the spike and crash caused by sugar-based sports drinks/gels/chews. Stabilizing your blood sugar is the key to feeling steady energy during exercise without any highs and lows. Because UCAN stabilizes blood sugar on its own, there’s no need to re-fuel as frequently throughout a workout.

Enhance Fat Burn

UCAN SuperStarch causes a minimal rise in the fat-storage hormone insulin, allowing you to burn more fat for fuel during and after exercise. Fat is an extremely powerful fuel source. It’s available in abundantly larger quantities than carbs because we can store more of it in our bodies. Fat also provides you with more calories (energy) per gram than carbs.

No GI Distress

UCAN SuperStarch passes through the stomach rapidly and is digested in the intestines. Because of its high molecular weight and low osmolality, it is very gentle on the stomach. In contrast, sugar-based products contain small molecules that sit in your stomach and apply pressure on your GI tract, resulting in an upset stomach after repeated use.

Healthy, Efficient Calories

No more empty calories! UCAN’s drink mixes contain no added sugars, are non-GMO, and gluten-free. The calories from UCAN are long-lasting because they release slowly and are fully absorbed. Every gram of SuperStarch is used by the body as energy. UCAN makes you less reliant on outside calories because it allows your body to burn both carbs (SuperStarch) and fat for energy.



UCAN HYDRATE is an all-natural, no sugar, zero calorie electrolyte replacement specially designed by an Olympic dietitian to replenish the mix of nutrients lost in sweat. UCAN HYDRATE contains 5 essential electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium) and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. Whether you’re running marathons, practicing yoga, or working outside in the sun, UCAN Hydrate will keep your body happy, healthy, and hydrated.

How much UCAN HYDRATE should you drink?

Hydration needs are unique to the individual and can often depend on the circumstances like heat and humidity.  In training, we recommend 1 serving of UCAN HYDRATE every 1-2 hours. based on your hydration needs.  On race day, UCAN HYDRATE will be available at every water stop and can be consumed as often as you need it.

How is UCAN HYDRATE different from UCAN SuperStarch?

UCAN HYDRATE is meant to replenish electrolytes and keep you hydrated. It is NOT an energy source, as it contains zero calories and no carbs/sugar. UCAN SuperStarch is your fuel source and will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates to maintain steady energy levels.  For more product and training information, CHECK US OUT!